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On display currently through mid April

Contemporary Nature Art of Kirk J. Shiflett has exhibited widely since they first appeared in the art world in 2015. Currently three shows display Kirks work both local and globally.


Diversia "Women 2021" Online international  Exhibition- "Virtus II" 40" x 30" oil on board selected

March 8 to April 8th 2021

Diversia: Woman presents 56 talented artists from around the world using Biafarin technology to provide a unique experience for online visitors of the exhibition and allowing them to leave their reviews and comments for participant artists in the exhibition. Moreover, artist with highest rate will win the cash prize of Public Choice Award.

Visit the exhibition and share your opinion at:

Artists in Diversia: Woman

Francesco Calistri Hirdilak, Caitlin Morris, Kimberly Berg, Gabriela Drees-Holz, Sara Javidnia, O Yemi Tubi (MOYAT), Vassi Vasevski, Carly Tyll, Britta Ortiz, Renate Kirchhof, Silvia Schmidtova, Maria Isabel Reverberi, Tina Rawson, Elena Gaston-Nicolas, Pamela Becker, Serafina Harris, Carmen Cecilia Rusu, Gyuhye Yeon, Coco Vewenda, Leila Eslami, Aomi Kikuchi, Mahnaz Paul, Kinga Maciuszkiewicz, Kevin Bacher, Barbara RydzRoss, Zoey Pinzon, Regine Temmel, Cher Pruys, Pompeyo Curbelo Martin, Rachel Dessenberger, Cyn Danielson, Shelagh Aatkinson, Verena Bauer, Robert Concienne, Roman Nogin, Arati Reddy-Devlin, Patricia Edith Mary Thompson, Steven Bogart, Modern Fossils, Wayne Paige, Manuel Dampeyroux, Nick Steinman, Stella Bach, Mohsen Modiri, Susan Lizotte, Edwin Suarez, Kenan K., Kirk Shiflett, Itzchak Angel, Martina McAteer, Annette Goodfriend, Carol Brown, Vasu Tolia, Mark Pol, Lilach